May 10, 2011

Newsletter April 2011

April Newsletter

Sometimes the days goes by so quickly it is hard to remember what happened today let alone what happened at the beginning of the month. There were many highs and lows as we start to bid farewell to the mission team members who return home for the next 6 months. Thanks to all who give your time and energy to make the community center the wonderful place it is.

We are regularly feeding 150+ children at lunch. There are 25-30 children attending Daycare daily. 15 of these are KINDER KIDS. 25 children attend English and Computer regularly. If we had more room, we could grow!

We started the month off with a visit from IJAS, the organization that governs charitable organizations here in Vallarta. Being registered and monitored by them gives more credibility to FAD. The evaluation was excellent and we look forward to receiving future benefits from this relationship.

We attended a wedding for Adriana and her husband, they have been married for 8 years but wanted to have the union blessed in church. It was an honour to be part of this family celebration.

We also had a visit from the ROTARY CLUB OF NUEVO VALLARTA, they are coordinating with Canadian ROTARY CLUBS to do some international fundraising and support.

We received a shipment from the NAVY, of 36 boxes of nutritional readymade soup mix. Each package will feed a family of 6. We were able to make a trip to Progresso and the Regional Hospital to share this donation with families there too.

There is never a dull moment in the mission! The Teen Mentoring Class is going strong, we have Internet now and the Teens are able to come by and sit for 30 minutes at a time to use the computer. We will be adding another hour to their Saturday morning sessions to have computer classes.

Rosario, Sabina, Yulissa Yanet and Keila Yulissa had an opportunity to swim with the dolphins too! Thank you VALLARTA ADVENTURES.

A small group from this Teen Class spent the first 3 Sunday afternoons practicing for the FLASHMOB DANCE! This was great fun, gathering with other members of the community of Vallarta to prepare the video inviting the tourists to return to Vallarta! It was a good bonding experience for the kids and the bonus was when we went to do the video on the Malecon, we were blessed with the beauty of nature. A momma whale and her baby entertained the crowds while we were waiting to film.

We had a visit from the FERNANDEZ family who spent their week doing crafts/activities with the children at the center. We also had a special night at Pastor Hector’s service with the families there.

April 9 the children from the Wednesday morning Soccer Program came to Paradise Village for a game of soccer on the beach and hamburgers and ice cream afterward. This is always an exciting adventure. We had 9 volunteers for 14 kids age 7-12 yrs. The highlight of this experience was the CROCODILE SLIDE. It is always a joy to watch them overcome their fears, climbing up the tower, crossing the shaky bridge and then finally coming down the slide. A great day was had by all.

We visited PASTOR HECTOR’S service on the 19th to deliver some bibles, soup mix and clothes for the moms attending that evening.

PASTOR JOE & SUE also came down for a few weeks and worked with the children in ENGLISH/COMPUTER class to teach them to sing in English while signing the words. They did awesome at church at PARADISE VILLAGE on EASTER SUNDAY. The children went to the TULUM restaurant for brunch afterward. There were several children in this group who had never been to PARADISE before so it was a learning experience in social manners! They were all overwhelmed with the amount of food choices on the buffet. After their tummies were full, they asked for a box to take some home for their moms. Graziano said let them go, so off we were to the buffet to take a little bit of everything home.

We ended the month with a bang! ALASKA AIRLINE employees came down for KIDS DAY. On April 28th we held a fiesta at the center. 375 children attended along with their moms. Everyone had hotdogs, chips and a drink. All children received balloons, gifts and at-shirt! They are all PUERTO VALLARTA SUPER HEROES now. We had clowns for entertainment, face painting, nail painting, craft activities, pinatas and bobbing for fruit. It was a lot of fun for all. THANK YOU ALASKA AIRLINES, you guys are amazing! Jorge from the ROTARY CLUB came by to help and 2 of our soccer players received a soccer shirt.

After the party, we were off to HOPE ROAD, to disperse 157 pieces of wood and 65 packages of shingles. The housing project will not begin before the rains this year so the mission is assisting 35 families to prepare their shanties for the rain. Wear and tear over the past year has taken its toll and any severe weather will result in collapsed roofs. Thanks to the volunteers who helped carry and deliver the lumber. Not an easy job for sure….


At this time we have sponsorship for 190 students, only 75 more to go! Your donation of $250.00 will help one child for one year. We will be sending out information to current sponsors in May.

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