Jun 28, 2011

Newsletter June 2011

As the mission prepares to close for the month of JULY, there is a lot to do! The programs are coming to a close and year end parties are always anxiously anticipated by the children.

The month started off with a big bang! The children in the choir were invited to perform at the new CONVENTION CENTER in VALLARTA. The children sang 2 songs, Twist and Shout in English and another Rock n Roll song in Spanish. They performed in front of 300 members of the tourist industry who were attending a convention. They were a big hit and the attendees donated $2,000.00 to the mission!

June is also an important month for the children who practice their Catholic faith. There were several children participating in their 1st Communion, and their Confirmation. Also Jasmine celebrated her 15th birthday. Needless to say we were busy attending all of these special events.

PARADISE VILLAGE RESORT donated towels and bed linens to the mission as they are replacing them in the resort rooms. Thank you!

As the rainy season slowly sneaks up on us, there are many families that required assistance with preparing their rooves. We were able to assist 49 families this month. With the rain, come the concerns of Dengue fever and Scorpion stings as they try to get out of the rain. (Erick experienced this unfortunately)

Pastor Hector has moved his weekly service to a more central location. This will accommodate the growing congregation, there are now 50-60 families attending. This means on average 50 children as well.

The TEEN MENTORING PROGRAM, now known as JOVENS DE AMOR, was able to assist two senior citizens this month. UMBERTO and his wife ANTONIA received 150 food items as a result of their food drive. CORNELIA received a wheelchair, microwave and other need items to make her days easier and more enjoyable. 4 of the Teen girls had a girl’s day, with hair and makeup before going out for dinner. Congratulations to Brayan he got a job at Walmart!

PARTIES, PARTIES, PARTIES! On June 17th, the KINDER KIDS played games, and had a special lunchof pizza, cupcakes and pop. They all got to pick from the toy selections.

The HOMEWORK/READING COMPREHENSION CLUB had their party as well. Lots of fun, playing games, winning prizes and having pizza and cake too.

The ENGLISH/COMPUTER kids will go to the pool for a party in August; however they had a morning of games, songs and pizza.

As a special thank you to the MOMS who gave their time to provide the programs this season, their families were invited to a pool party. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cake and ice cream. They all did a great job and help to keep the center running smoothly.

Registration for School assistance is complete. 250 children from 110 families applied for uniforms and shoes. These will be provided in August along with Backpack and supplies. We are proud to say that all of these children have good attendance and only 30 children are struggling. They will be invited to the Homework Club when it starts up again.

THE MISSION WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL AUGUST, as we prepare for the next season with exciting new changes and improvements.

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