Nov 7, 2011

Newsletter October 2011

October has started out as a very memorable month. The Pan Am Games aquatic events took place here in Vallarta. The opening ceremonies and arrival of the flame happened at Paradise Village Resort. 6 of the mission children were invited to attend the ceremonies, watch Graziano Sovernigo be the first runner with the torch and experience their first ever sailboat ride! It will be hard to top that!

There was also the threat of a hurricane heading directly to Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. Everyone prepared as best they could, prayer requests were put out and the storm veered off and went around us. Miracles do happen.

English and Computer classes started mid month, making a lot of anxious children very happy. Enrollment is full with 9 children or adults attending each class. The mission has stepped up in the area of Education with higher expectations and rules/regulations. Erick and Miriam are working with the children in a very structured classroom setting and the children are flourishing. The teen group and adult class are doing exceptionally well, with the others catching up very quickly. October 31 was their first test. Each month the classes will be tested on the curriculum and they will all receive a report at the end of the program. Attendance is monitored and if they miss 3 classes their spot will be taken by someone on the waiting list. These children/adults are eager to learn, there was never a doubt that they would step up to the next level.

The teen mentor program continues on Saturday mornings as well. This group is currently learning how to start a small business, looking to the future! The Saturday morning choir group is preparing to sing at Paradise Village on the US Thanksgiving weekend. We are all looking forward to that.

Sunday Services began October 9, 2011 at Paradise Village Resort and we would like to extend our appreciation to Conrad Dueck and Chuck Penner for providing their pastorial services for the month of October.

The mission also provided a class for 10 women to teach them relaxation techniques, help them bond and learn to support each other through their trials and tribulations. It is also designed to promote team work by bringing the women closer together. Thanks Natalia (Synergy) for leading this informative group. Loraly has now learned the breathing and meditation techniques so she can lead the women before they start their volunteer positions at the mission. Loraly is now training to take on more administrative duties at the center.

The mission is assisting the recyclers with their Committee for the Rights of the Recyclers. They have been struggling with their accounting and implementation of the rules of their Union. We are now teaching them and working with them how to do proper bookwork and provide transparency with funds and activities. This has brought about a positive change in attitude amongst the recyclers and also is building the relationship with the mission even more than before.

The mission has returned to delivering water and fruit each morning to ensure the recyclers are hydrated and able to work more to support themselves. The despensa handouts continue for the seniors, however we are working as a food bank now so that anyone needing help will receive it in an emergency situation.

We are looking forward to beginning our food stand in the dump in the next week. This program will help the Committee to provide an affordable meal for all recyclers while working during the day.

The month ended on a high note with a Halloween party for the children. A day of fun, laughter, prizes and cake was the highlight of the month. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped Yurima make this a very special event for the children.

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