Jan 18, 2012

January 2012 Newsletter


Families of Esperanza looks forward to an exciting 2012 as we recap the last 2 months of 2011! We are pleased to announce that we have received the permits to commence the construction of the housing project.

In 2006 the vision of the mission Families at the Dump was to remove all families/children from living in the Vallarta City Dump while walking with them on their journey to independence and self-sufficiency.

The mission statement included a Holistic approach in assisting the families on this journey. Providing Medical, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Educational support over the past 6 years, along with programs/services such as ENGLISH/COMPUTER, KINDER, DAYCARE, LUNCH PROGRAM, ACTIVITY ROOM, FOOD HANDOUTS and WATER while recycling have contributed to improving their daily lives.

Also through the support of donors to the SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM the mission has ensured that 250 children yearly are receiving a Public School Education.

The mission has been supported and awarded by IJAS, the group that governs local charitable organizations in Vallarta. The mission also works closely with the municipal government in power to ensure a healthier, safer working environment for the recyclers.

As we enter the next 4/5 years of the mission, you will see more focus on Education and Life Skills. Preparing the families who will enter this “unprecedented project” will be a priority over the next year. Taking a family from severe poverty to a life style far from their normal will take education and support. We look forward to accepting applications, explaining the expectations and regulations and then working with those families who want to improve the lives of this generation of children.


Families of Esperanza will provide a clean and safe environment for parents and their children as mandated under the MEXICAN CIVIL CODE which states,

All children have the right to a proper home, nutrition, health care and education.

The goal of this project is to move the children in the mission past the current dependency on the city dump to provide for their future families. They will have the opportunity to become valuable contributors to society. We have potential Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Small Business owners amongst our English and Computer classes right now. We look forward to giving them this opportunity of a life time! The face of the mission is changing and we invite you to continue with us on this journey.

Over the past 6 years life has improved greatly for the recyclers, there are very few people in need of regular food assistance. The reality is they can feed themselves. Their needs are in the area of Education assistance, emergency medical care and proper living conditions.

For generations these families have been living a very “in the moment” lifestyle. This means they have not learned the life skills to think past today, to plan for the future. Money management, budgeting classes will become part of the preparation for the housing project. As well as assistance with small business to empower them to provide for their families away apart from recycling in the city dump.

Every family in the mission is welcome who wants to change the lives of their children and embrace the education opportunities that will be given them. We are hopeful that as this “unprecedented project” progresses, those waiting and watching will also realize the potential for their children.

We invite you along on this exciting journey!

If you would like to support the construction costs/ furnishing of a home and follow that families’ journey over the next several years, please contact us at info@familiesatthedump.org


November/December 2011


There are lots of exciting improvements and changes within in the dump with the Committee for the Rights of the Recyclers and the recyclers themselves. In the Spring the committee asked for assistance to help them achieve accountability and transparency with their administration. This is helping to build a strong and united group.

The back wall of the dump by Madre Selva has finally been repaired. It had fallen down as a result of pressure from shelters and recyclables being stored up against it. Over the past years people have also been climbing over the wall to avoid the security measures in place. With the mission’s help the committee is continuing to work to provide a safer, healthier working environment for all who would like to recycle in the city dump to provide for their families. There are currently 404 registered recyclers.

The mission is assisting Noelia to provide an affordable food stand on the dump property. Noelia is working Monday to Friday. She is learning the skills that she will require to have a restaurant of her own in the future. This business opportunity means she does not have to recycle.

We have reinstated the water in the morning. By assisting with these 2 sources of food and hydration to the recyclers, they can work to provide for themselves. It has always been the vision of the mission to provide a HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT. As we enter the next years of the mission we are moving the families to independence. This means PROGRAMS HAVE EVOLVED TO A WORK TO EARN MENTALITY. In order to receive much desired donated items such as clothes, shoes, food, extra school supplies, families are now earning points through their children’s attendance in school each month.

The Children of Hope Choir performed November 27 at Paradise Village Resort, December 23 at Paradise Village Mall and Eddie’s Restaurant in Nuevo Vallarta and finally December 25 at Paradise Village Resort for the Christmas service. The children are building a good selection of Spanish and English songs that they sing very well. They really enjoy the practicing each week and are especially proud to show off their skills.

It is always a pleasure to have them be able to meet the people who support the mission and practice their English skills.

The Teen Mentor group went on a field trip in November. They travelled up the coast to a secluded beach where they had to trek through the jungle to reach the beach. This opportunity presented many challenges for them to resolve in an effort to find the beach. The reward was an afternoon of fun in the sun.

This group continues to be a great support for each other and it is amazing how far they have come in one short year.

We concluded the month of December with the distribution of a very large Christmas Food Bag. Thanks to a donation from Paradise Village Resort over 200 families received a bag with eggs, cookies, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, jicama, rice, soup, oranges, mandarins and bananas. Everyone ate well for Christmas!

January 6 2012 was the King’s Day celebration. Traditionally gifts are exchanged on this day. The mission provided over 400 children with gifts that day. Thank you Vallarta Yacht Club for your support through your gift drive!

We were informed that another mission in the area did an appeal for assistance with vegetables for the families in their mission so in the spirit of Christmas we did an outreach and visited Madre Selva and the new group of recyclers on Gardenia.

If you are a current school sponsor we remind you to make your donation before May 2012 or if you would like to join this valuable program to continue the education of a child in the mission, please contact brendafad@hotmail.com for an update or more information.

May 2012 bring many blessings to all of you and as always, we thank everyone who supports this mission with time, energy, prayers and financial donations. It takes a dedicated team of volunteers to continue to provide the programs and services for the families.

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