May 22, 2012

May 2012 Newsletter


The mission has had a busy and productive beginning to the year.

The children continue to thrive in English/Computer.   Some minor tweaks have been made such as removing a couple of the computers.  It was observed that the children were becoming totally engrossed in their own computer experience and not interacting with each other. By removing some of the computers they are now working together as small groups, talking, assisting and completing their assignments.

In English class the children are able to interact extensively with the visitors to the mission.  Each class is working at a level and speed that is appropriate for them.   Attendance is great and the children have all expressed that their marks in the public schools have improved due to the classes they are taking at the center.

Preschool is a delight.  The children now know their colors and numbers in English and are eager to share this new found knowledge with our visitors.  They have prepared booklets of their work to share with some of the groups that are supporting the mission.   A junior penpal project!

Daycare is going strong too.  Moms are using this service while they work extra hours at the dump or while they get some much needed sleep after working during the night.   It is a great place for the children-love, attention, food, bath and stimulation.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have been giving their time in the activity room. This room is a beehive of activity and the children really enjoy using their creativity.

Valentine’s Day brought lots of excitement!  16 couples participated in a Romantic Night.  The goal of this activity was to give couples that have been together for more than 7 years an opportunity to spend some time together without their children.  A meal was shared, some fun activities followed and some conversation about relationships.   An invitation was extended for a possible renewal of vows or in some cases an actual exchanging of vows.  Everyone is interested in pursuing a support group to improve and enhance their relationships.

The Children of Hope Choir sang at Paradise Village church service 3 times.  They did a great job as always.  They really enjoy sharing their English skills with the congregation.  Each visit is an opportunity for conversation about the opportunities that abound with education and goals.  The children in the Saturday morning Soccer Program played in several local tournaments.   Thanks Randy, John Curran, Smokie and Coach Tony for making this a great program for our soccer teams.

Children’s Day was held April 28, and what an exciting day that was!  350 children participated in a carnival with games, clowns, food, and lots of love!   Each child went home with a gift, balloon, snack bag and tshirt.

Mother’s Day celebration was May 11, with 120 moms attending.  Each mom received a bag of personal hygiene items, pizza, cake and a family photo. There were 60 raffle prizes, anyone who did not win a prize was able to choose from a table of clothes and shoes.  Everyone went home with something.

May 6, the mission participated in the ALTRUISMO EVENT, held yearly in Vallarta.  It is an opportunity for local charitable organizations to share information and gain awareness and volunteers.  Each group receives a donation based on the proceeds of this event.

The Committee for the Rights of the Recyclers has been working hard to build a strong team focused on moving forward to independence.  The Committee now has T-shirts to identify themselves clearly as well as Identification stating their roles.  The Transfer Station (dump site) has now become a secure facility.  This means that no one can enter the property without authorization.  Families at the Dump/Families of Esperanza has been assisting the recyclers for many years.   We continue to go in Monday to Friday with 120 bottles of water and other items of assistance.  The mission is now becoming known locally and we have received assistance from MAYAN PALACE, GYMBOREE, VALLARTA NEWS, STICKY FINGERS RESTAURANT, STARBUCKS, RIU RESORTS, ALASKAN AIRLINES AND PIZZA EXPRESS, just to name a few.

Noelia is doing a great job in her food stand.  She has a steady clientele and everyone loves her tacos.  For 10 pesos, the recyclers can get a meal and a drink.   A HAND UP not a HANDOUT.

The mission center has been painted and is looking fresh and colorful again!  There has been lots of wear and tear with all the children coming through the building each day.

Adele and her volunteers continue to do a great job in the daycare and with the food service.  We are averaging 100 children per day for a nutritious meal.

The POINTS SYSTEM for school attendance continues to provide accurate information on sponsored children.   Each family is required to show proof of attendance to receive points to exchange for clothing, shoes, food items and other donations in the mission.  This program is designed to provide interaction between the teacher and parent and a fair way to distribute donated items.

The FOOD BANK continues to operate.  Anyone in an emergency situation can receive help as required.

The local health practitioners were out to give POLIO VACCINATIONS to children under 5 years of age.  This is helpful as it saves Moms from having to lose a day’s work to take them to the hospital for this.

The mission will be closed for JULY AND AUGUST, while the Board of Directors plans and prepares for the upcoming season.  Completion of the building plans for the housing project are in the final stage.  Stay tuned for information on the housing project.

At this time if you would like to sponsor a child into public school ($250) please contact us at

If you would like to assist a family into the housing project ($2,000-5,000), please

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