Nov 1, 2010

Newsletter October 2010

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The first mail out for Tax Receipts will be in November for Canada and United States. A second mailing will be done in January 2011. If you do not receive your receipt, please email

Children's Activity RoomAs we enter into the fall/winter season here in Vallarta, the rains stopped early this year! They are working diligently to get the bridge repaired before the onslaught of visitors to the area. For those of us who live here the evenings and early mornings are quite chilly, so if you are travelling to visit the mission bring along some sweaters/hoodies to donate. Blankets would also be very much appreciated by the families.

October has been an exciting month as we spent the first couple of weeks cleaning and preparing the Kinder and Daycare rooms. Thanks to Lisa, Larry and Ben we now have a very pleasant and colourful environment for the children. With Luci’s artistic talents the entire center is now a bright and happy place for all of us.

After spending a week of interviewing and instruction there are 8 moms working different schedules in the Daycare program. We have 5 moms alternating between Kitchen duty and cleaning duty. As in the past 2 years this job training allows us the ability to write references for moms to apply for “real” jobs.

Lupita has started the Pre School Kinder Class and now is also adding in a little bit of English to her program. It is a joy to walk into the Daycare and Kinder every morning!

Registration will begin on November 5th for English and Computer classes with Travis and Edgar. The children are waiting anxiously for this program to start.

Reading ComprehensionReading Comprehension classes started also. Any child aged 7yrs to 14yrs can come Saturday morning to participate in this program. Each child is tested to see their ability and assess their needs. The goal of this program is to improve and teach the children the value of READING. This class is in Spanish.

The major goal of the mission is to provide the best opportunity for these children to receive a well rounded Education experience. With their Public School Education, our English/Computer classes, assistance with Reading and Homework this generation has no reason not to move on from this cycle of poverty.

We have completed uniform/backpack assistance and are now ensuring that all children in need of Guide books and Exam fees have been taken care of. We were able to assist over 200 children this season with their public school education.

Adult Education classes continue one evening a week with the help of the government. They are providing 3 teachers to help anyone interested in completing their Primary and Secondary Certificates. We have 8 teens/adults attending this program.

October 22nd, on IRMA’S birthday we honoured all the Moms! Each Mom received a small gift of chocolates and candy, along with cake and ice cream. The children were especially happy about this special day as they got cake and ice cream too.

Irma's Birthday

We would like to send out a special thank you to WENDY & ED, who travelled down on a cruise and made a special trip out to visit the mission to deliver much needed medical supplies. We have had many visitors this month and we appreciate all those who donated their time, energy, prayers and financial support to the mission. Also to JOHN, who brought down enough soccerballs and coloring books to distribute to all the children along HOPE ROAD!

Wendy & Ed - Medical Donations John handing out soccer balls & coloring books


The new concrete road is complete and now it is much easier and safer to drive into Majesterio. As the community grows, this will provide opportunity for self sufficiency by motivated entrepreneurs. As the population increases there will be a need for a wide variety of commercial development. The new Junior High School should be opening soon and 90 children in the village will be attending Grade 7 there. We have 5 mission children in the new school.

Lunch ProgramAll children are now attending lunch service at the community center. The rainy season took its toll on Hope Road and it is in very rough shape. This means we can have between 150-200 children come by daily. It is nice to have the center a hub of activity in the morning! Luci keeps them busy in the activity room and we invite anyone visiting to spend time in whichever area of the center they are most comfortable in.

We continue to wait anxiously for the permits and surveying for the housing project! If you are coming to Vallarta, please email us at or to arrange to come out and spend some time with us.

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