Dec 2, 2010

Newsletter November 2010

November has brought an explosion of activity and excitement!  Winnie and Henry’s arrival was a great surprise for the families in the mission. Keeping a secret in Mexico is difficult, but we pulled it off!

November 22, 2010 marks the opening of the FAMILIES DE ESPERANZA/FAMILIES AT THE DUMP office located in PARADISE VILLAGE MALL, Second Floor Local H6. If you are in the area come by for a visit. Hours are currently 4pm to 7pm. You can drop off donations of CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, CLOTHING, SHOES, and NON-PERISHABLE FOOD ITEMS. We can also accept your cash donations and give you more information about the mission and our programs.

We have also rolled out the new brochures. The families in the mission have seen them and fully understand why we have visitors daily to the center and how sharing their lives is bringing many cultures together in unity to improve their situation and educate their children.

Congratulations and Best Wishes for LUCI AND PATRICK. They were married November 10th in Vallarta. Irma gave Luci her wedding dress that she had worn 30 years ago. Despite the conditions they live in the dress was in great condition and fit Luci perfectly. It was a very special day for all of us.

November 19th was JOHN’S birthday, so the children were busy making cards and decorating the center. Luci and the children have also started practicing for the Church Service at PARADISE VILLAGE RESORT. If you are here at Christmas, they will be performing DEC 19, 25, & 26. They are also writing their letters to Santa Claus.

Sunday November 28th, some of the children ages 10 – 13 years old participated in a mini marathon to support IJAS (the governing body of the charitable organizations in Vallarta). A new boy’s orphanage has opened and funds were being raised to support this project as well as Children with Cancer. FAMILIES AT THE DUMP reaches out to assist or promote other organizations in need. This was a good learning experience for the children as well because they were helping others less fortunate than themselves. JOSE DE JESUS came in 4th in his age group and PERLE CRISTAL came in 4th in her age group. The children are excited to participate again next year!

SOLEDAD celebrated her Quincienera on November 28th. She plays on the girls “Tween” soccer team and attends school. It is always an honor for Winnie and Brenda to be invited to share this special event in their lives.

The month of November has also brought about the completion of registration for all recyclers in the Puerto Vallarta City Dump. At this time the mission has 230 registered recyclers receiving services. By working closely with the “Sindicato” and the local government in office at this time the mission is helping to provide accountability, a solid committee and management team in the dump as well as continue to assist the recyclers in advocating for better services and programs for their families.

The mission has welcomed 13 new families into the mission that live behind the Puerto Vallarta City Dump on MADRE DE SELBA. Although they live on a street that has an established mission on site that is providing the same services as our mission, they have not received any support for the past 2 years. We will be working with these families to integrate them into the mission.

THE EDUCATION TEAM is now visiting schools to gather report cards to assess the children who will be invited to the HOMEWORK CLUB in JANUARY. This class was a huge success last season. The children have been asking when it will start since returning to school in August!

It is very apparent that the children are enjoying every opportunity to learn, for most of them it is the highlight of their day, attending the public schools as well as the programs we offer at the center.

The new SECUNDARIA #78 is now up and running and several of our Grade 7 (Junior High) children are attending there. This means no more bus fare expenses as it is within walking distance for them.

ENGLISH AND COMPUTER classes are now in motion. The children and adults had been waiting anxiously for these classes to start up again. As several of the mission children have moved up to Junior High (Secundaria), a new influx of younger children are starting classes. Edgar and Travis have completed their schedules now, accommodating availability, age, and ability to give each person the best experience possible.

Travis continues with his “phrase of the day” program. He has also moved on to sentence structure and identifying words and reading with the older children.

Edgar continues to work with the new children on an individual basis on the computers. We look forward to their first group project.

If you would like to do a penpal program with the children in these classes, please contact

PreSchool Kinder is going strong. It is amazing to see children who can’t seem to sit still otherwise, totally engrossed in learning! ELSA is a very interactive teacher, including lots of song, dance and art into her teaching.

Saturday morning READING COMPREHENSION classes are booming. 22 children attend these classes and are receiving extra help in Spanish to ensure that they are not left behind in the public school system. Each child receives a snack and small reward at the end of class.

SCHOLARSHIPS/BURSARIES will be introduced this year for students excelling in the public schools. If you would like to contribute to this program please email for more information.

ADELE and the DAYCARE TEAM have on average 22 children attending daily. The older children spend their afternoon on the roof. Riding toys, wading pools, a play structure and soccer nets, provide lots of entertainment for them. We are in need of another tent for shade to provide another play area.

RANDY and CURTIS are working with HERSHEY (a local soccer coach) to create a specialized SOCCER PROGRAM to take the children to the next level. We have played street soccer for the past 2 years “just for fun”. Now we are planning to work on life skills through sports and education programs.

This month MARBELLA received a stove and TERE received a king size bed.

A special thank you and Bon Voyage out to LISA, LARRY AND BEN as they sail off from Puerto Vallarta to explore the world! What a blessing for this mission that you spent the hurricane season here. You will be missed, thanks for all your contributions over the past several months to keep the mission running smoothly!



If you sponsor a child and would like to continue for August 2011, please send in your donation by MARCH 2011.

If you would like to join this program and assist a child, please email for more information. We have approximately 300 school age children in the mission at this time that would benefit from financial assistance.


We will be breaking ground this winter to begin the project. 72 homes will be built to provide better quality of life and living conditions for families in the mission.

If you would like to help complete a home, your donation of $5,000 will enable us to furnish a home as well as establish a reserve fund to assist the family to self sufficiency. Each family will be contributing by paying a small amount weekly and be expected to comply with rules/regulations in place to ensure a safe, healthy and positive living environment for everyone in the community.


As we move into 2011 and reach our 5th year anniversary, the mission will be assessing and revamping programs and assistance. As we walk with these families on their journey to self sufficiency we are always keenly aware of the need to be open to changes and improvement to the support and services the mission provides.


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