Jan 8, 2011

Newsletter December 2010


Just when you think it can’t possibly get more exciting, it does! December has been a nonstop adventure.

Early in the month, Winnie and I attended a special event at the local Primary School. The children were all participating in folk dances and songs celebrating Mexico. They were all so proud to perform for their moms and especially excited to have us there as well. For those of you who know “Peluco”, he was cute as a button, proud as a peacock and is actually communicating much better now. His speech is still garbled at times; however we are beginning to understand him. He loves Grade One. He takes great pride in singing Jingle Bells in Spanish.

December 4th, MACK, STAN & NICO gave a Saturday morning to teach some of the children volleyball skills, this was especially fun for them as they would like to learn and play this game.

December 5th found us at the ANNUAL CHILI COOK OFF at the YACHT CLUB AT PARADISE VILLAGE. This annual fundraiser supports the mission with the proceeds received from the visitors sampling and choosing their favourite Chili entered in the event. This is always fun and a great opportunity for awareness about the mission.

December 8th, was an amazing day. Once again Alaskan Airlines Employees dispersed Christmas stockings to the children. We had enough stockings for 300 children. Wow, handmade sock dolls for the girls and stockings for the boys, with balls, jacks and cars. Of course they wouldn’t be complete without Candy Canes. Thanks sooooo much!

Luci and the children spent their mornings in the Activity Room, making decorations for the tree at the new office at Paradise Village Mall. They drew their own Christmas tree at the center and decorated little gifts to place under it. It was especially cute to find Jorge there, trying to open one to see what was in it!

December 11th, the recycler families participated in the vigil march to the Cathedral in Puerto Vallarta to honour the Virgin Guadelupe. They walked from Majesterio all the way to the Cathedral in 2 ½ hours. John and I were blessed to be able to walk alongside them into the Cathedral and be part of this special event in their lives.

The children in English class were anxiously preparing and practicing to sing AWAY IN A MANGER at the Christmas service at Paradise Village. Every day, they learned one line until they were able to sing 2 verses. Of course the finale was FELIZ NAVIDAD, with the chorus in English!

Winnie and I visited the home of CELESTINA, (who lives on Madre Selva, behind the dump) and were pleasantly surprised and pleased to be witness to their family business. The women (6 in total) all work together twice a week to prepare bread and pastries which they sell in the village and up in the dump to the recyclers there. They prepare 200 pastries by hand in their kitchen (4 families live together under one roof) on a table covered with a piece of linoleum that they found in the dump. Once the dough has risen they carry it down 15 stairs (trust me not stairs you would want to walk on! I went down them myself!) to the cooking area. They have made a stove out of concrete. There the pastry is cooked and then carried back up that same flight of precarious stairs to cool, before being placed in boxes that they have found in the dump. This family is very self motivated and could benefit by donations to improve their home based business to bring it up to acceptable health and safety standards. They are in need of a stainless steel table, proper shelving to cool the pastries, cooking pans, plastic tubs for storage and most importantly proper stairs for safety. If you would like to assist this family, please make note on your donation. The mission assisted this extended family to repair the ceiling in their home as well as complete walls in preparation for the rainy season this year.

December 17th the mission was able to do a clothing and shoe handout. Since November with the arrival of winter vacationers we were able to accumulate enough of both to ensure that all adults in the mission received something off the table. After Despensa handout they were able to go and view the table and make their choice.

December 18th was the first visit to Paradise Village to practice for the Christmas pageant. 20 Children from Pastor Hector’s service came to practice and then had pizza. We visited the parrots and tigers before taking a walk around the property to sing for the visitors at the resort.

December 19th, they performed at the service at Paradise Village Resort. Amazing of course! How proud they were. They were treated to lunch at the Tulum Restaurant on the property.

4 moms are now displaying their jewellery for the visiting vacationers each morning at the mission. In the New Year we will be displaying their creations at the office in Paradise Village Mall to help them to supplement their family income. If they sell 3 pieces of work each day, that will feed their family.

December 22, we attended Pastor Hector’s Mission Service. They celebrated their Christmas Posada with Tamales and drinks. 200 people attended, it was a great show of fellowship amongst the families.

December 23rd, the families were treated to hair cuts by Dorinda and her group. Lots of fun and a very special opportunity to get ready for the Christmas season. The evening was spent with the children from the English class coming to practice their songs at Paradise Village, followed by a visit to the mall to have pizza and play on the equipment. There were 5 children in this group who had never been to the resort. It is always a thrill to share the “firsts” with the children.

December 24th was the Christmas Despensa handout. Thanks to ROSA & GRAZIANO of PARADISE VILLAGE over 250 families received oranges, bananas, mandarins, rice, pasta, oil, potatoes, jicama, tomatoes, cucumbers, cookies and eggs. Everyone was sure to have a full stomach for Christmas.

December 26th, the ENGLISH CLASS children performed at Paradise Village, a great way to top off a very busy month.

The last week of the month will be spent cleaning and preparing the Food Bank for better service in the New Year.

As we move into JANUARY 2011 the mission will be assessing programs and reinventing ourselves. The mission has been successful in completing and implementing all of its 5 year goals and will now set forth on the next 5 years!

Watch for news on the HOUSING PROJECT, we are just waiting for the subdivision of the property and 72 homes will be built in the next several months! This mission is being blessed in so many ways. If you would like to donate to complete one home for a family please make your donation of $5,000.00 and specify that you would like to sponsor a family, we can give you a history and photos of the recipient of your generosity.

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