Feb 1, 2011

Newsletter January 2011


The New Year has taken off like a rocket! The programs were closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and the children were very excited to be back into the routine of the classes at the center.

January 4th, THE WELCHER FAMILY, visited. Jessie had shared the mission with her class at school and they were able to raise enough money to sponsor a child into school! Thanks Jessie.

January 6th, we honoured WISEMEN’S DAY. This is traditionally the day that the Mexicans exchange small gifts. We have always waited for this special day to respect the culture. 413 children received gifts and shared in a piece of ROSCA DE REYES with Chocolate Milk to drink. Thanks to the many volunteers who assisted in helping this major event go so smoothly.

January 15th, we made a surprise visit to the park in PROGRESSO. We had been blessed with so many donations of Christmas gifts that we wanted to spread the joy there as well. We arrived at noon with bags of rice, clothes, shoes and gifts for the children. 100 moms received rice and clothing, while 300 children received gifts. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped on this special day.

January 16th, was PALOMA CAROLINA’S Quincienera. We attended the mass in her honour and then spent some time at the dinner afterward. This is always a special time for the family and everyone there wants their pictures taken to commemorate the day.

The children in English class have been working on pen pal projects. This is a great way for them to use the skills they are learning.

The children in Computer class are working on a calendar for an upcoming fundraiser for the mission. Save your dollars to buy a calendar for 2012!

The children have been receiving their report cards along with certificates for recognition of achievements. Some also participated in the mini Olympics at the big Sports Park downtown. They are very proud to show off their awards and medals!

For those who remember MARBELLA, she and her partner JOSE, welcomed a healthy, baby boy. Mom and baby are doing well and they received a stroller, baby carrier, blankets, clothes, milk and diapers from several donors. Thanks to all.

January 20th, the working moms at the center received their Christmas gifts. With all the activity at the center, this was the first opportunity to get together to show our appreciation for all their hard work.

January 27th was a very exciting and hectic day! Thanks to all who brought down children’s shoes over the past 2 months. We were able to fit 75 children with new shoes. Once again, great team work got the job done.

Jan 27th was also the first practice for the new Soccer program. The children have been invited to join a team to learn skills, team work, and to have fun. They will be working with HERSHEY, along with RANDY/JOHN to prepare the children to play in a league and perhaps join a tournament in the Spring.
January 28th, the MUNRO FAMILY visited and Hunter and Nathan shared the program with their Kinder and Daycare and were able to raise enough money to sponsor a child into school! They also brought 3 suitcases of craft supplies! Thanks. It is always nice to see young people helping other young people.

January 29th was the initiation of the TEEN MENTORING PROGRAM. All children 13 – 16 yrs of age are invited to this special class designed to build their self esteem, teach them to dream, and open their minds and hearts to all that is possible for them in the future. The first class was an introduction and brainstorming session. It was great to see them go from very quiet and shy at the beginning to confident and having fun at the end. Reward trips will be provided after they attend several classes. All trips will be directly related to what they expressed their interests were. Welcome ERIK, who will be providing this program, along with KERNY AND PANCHITO.

The month was complete with Winnie, Henry, Brenda and John attending the 75th birthday celebration of Graziano Sovernigo. We are grateful to all of the guests who made donations to the mission in Graziano’s honour.


The craft room continues to be a great place for the children to fill their time between classes at the center. Thanks YVONNE & CAROL, for bringing all your great ideas!

Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club continue to be a great supporter of the mission and this month we were able to have the managers of 2 stores, along with Executives from Mexico City visit. We are working together to find the best way for them to assist the mission. Thanks WAL-MART/SAMS CLUB!

Now that we have the office in PARADISE VILLAGE MALL up and running, those who cannot travel to the mission site can still help.

Visitors can drop by for more information, to make donations, to purchase some of the crafts that the families are making to supplement their weekly income and also to view the beautiful quilt that was made by LINDA MULLENDORE and her family. This is a must see, photos of some of the families have been quilted together to make a beautiful display!

As January ends, we look forward to a great February. US tax receipts have been mailed out, however if you have not received yours, please email reg.fad@hotmail.com

If you would like information on sponsoring a home for a family, please email info@familiesatthedump.org The housing project will be starting very soon.

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