Mar 14, 2011

Newsletter Febuary 2011

February 2011 Newsletter

As always the mission continues to move forward at a steady pace. As we approach March 21, 2011 and the completion of 5 years, we have had time to reflect and see how far the mission and the families have come.

No longer are there children under 14 yrs of age in the city dump. No longer are there families living, eating, or sleeping in the city dump. The dreams of the Moms are becoming a reality. In 2007 as we gathered information for IJAS to become a charitable organization, the question we asked was “how can the mission best serve you and your families?”. The answer, Education and a Home.

250 Children are now receiving assistance to attend the public schools. They also have an opportunity to attend English, Computer classes, Homework Club, Reading Comprehension Class, Teen Mentoring Class, Soccer Program, Daycare and Pre School. We are educating the next generation of Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Leaders in the Community. They do not have to follow in their parents footsteps into the city dump.

In the very near future we will begin construction on a Housing Project for 72 families living in extreme poverty. The seeds that have been planted are now blooming. Thank you to all who have stood by the mission through thick and thin.

February has been an eventful month for sure. Noelia and Epitacio have put a temporary fence around their little restaurant as they await their permits to begin construction on a permanent building. Concepcion received a new bed, so she no longer sleeps on the floor. Yurima and Moises have completed one side of their home with a cement roof and solid walls.

The Soccer program is going strong with 20 children participating Wednesday and Thursday mornings bright and early. What a thrill it is to see them join up and get their soccer shirts, they are so proud to show them off. They are all looking forward to the annual trip to Paradise Village.

Valentine’s Day found the children decorating their own cookies. Kinder kids made Valentines and exchanged them with each other! So cute watching them choose who to give theirs too. There were big hugs for all after they were done.

Little Ali, took her first steps in Daycare, she is starting to catch up with the other children since her medical crisis last summer.

Local Health Practitioners came to the center for the children who need blood typing done. Your sponsorship donations cover this cost. When a child enters Kinder for the first time or advances from Kinder to Primary, and so on, they need this test. In the village of Majesterio they do not have the technology to carry this information through to the next school.

School supplies were replenished. Around this time of year, all the children need a few more pencils, pens, etc. They are always excited for this day.

The children attending English and Computer class have been working on their pen pal letters. They all took their photos individually and as a group. Using their English words and the assistance of the computer class letters have been written to exchange with some children in Michigan.
Shelley and Danny helped set up the clothing shop. The Mom’s will be able to come by daily now to check out the donated clothing and shoes.

Maria and her family, (Jackie, Peluco, Brisa and Jose) welcomed a new baby girl to their family. Mom and baby are doing well.

The Mission service continues with the children participating in activities while the adults have praise and worship. Once again we have outgrown our space! 60 Moms are attending regularly.

The highlight of the month has been the TEEN MENTORING PROGRAM. Each Saturday 20+ teens have been meeting for 2 hours to discuss their personal challenges, brainstorm solutions, support each other and build confidence and trust. It has been an amazing month watching them grow personally and together. The walls are coming down and we are now in a position to address their needs. They have all expressed their personal career goal and the program is designed to include field trips to provide them information and experience towards those goals.

Their first field trip was to the beach in La Cruz. We left the center at 10am, arriving in La Cruz at 11am. A brief meeting and explanation of expectations and rules and then the day was theirs. 7 volunteers came along to assist and we had a great day, playing in the water, exploring the beach for sea shells, climbing the rocks, playing soccer, volleyball, taking photos, photos and more photos.

An impromptu session to see how far we had come with them, resulted in a scavenger hunt and an expression of their appreciation for those who made this day happen for them. We were all honoured to have our names written in big bold letters in the sand.

After the beach we were off to Frascatti’s restaurant in La Cruz where they were treated to hamburgers and fries. 5 of the Teens want to be Chef’s so a tour of the kitchen was on the agenda. That was the highlight of the day for them. We are trying to show them that anything is possible with a dream and education.

The month was capped off with 2 of the girls going to swim with the dolphins. Thanks Vallarta Adventures for this opportunity. Some Teens are dealing with more difficult issues and this is very therapeutic for them. What a joy to see them step outside the box and take a risk.

We are looking forward to what March will bring for this new program. Welcome Erik to the Mission Team!

We are sad to say that Edgar and Travis(our English/Computer teachers) are moving on, their cooking classes are doing exceptionally well and it is time for them to focus on their business. We will miss them a lot. We welcome Miriam to the mission. She will be taking over the computer classes.

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