Apr 4, 2011

Newsletter March 2011

March Newsletter

Spring has sprung in Vallarta and around the world. We often refer to the children in the mission as the seeds we have planted and now we are watching them bloom. This has never been more true. Every Spring, as the seasons change health challenges arise. Right now each day there is another case of Chicken Pox.

March has been a busy month as always and each day brings excitement and joy!

The beginning of the month found us welcoming Maria’s new baby. A healthy baby girl named Nube, which translates to Cloud in English. This makes 5 children under 9yrs old in her household. The mission continues to provide emotional and physical support to her family. The children are involved in all the programs running at the center.

MARCH 3 found us travelling to Progresso for another surprise visit! We were able to hand out clothing, shoes, as well as bananas, Boles. The children all received a Tshirt and small gifts. Reaching out to this small colonia has become another part of our mission. Some recycling families live there and as in most areas around the city dump there are families in need of help.

MARCH 10, we were able to do a clothing handout in the dump site distributing hats and men’s clothing. One week later on MARCH 17, we did the same for the women! It is always a joy to be able to visit and assist the recyclers. We choose to RESPECT, their work environment and HONOR their wishes not to have photos taken that might portray them negatively. We are working with them to EMPOWER them and move them forward in their lives and how they are portrayed to the world. This mission learned early on that the future is what is important. It is no longer about the poverty or the work environment. We have made an agreement with the recyclers that are committed to this mission that we will do all we can to give their children every advantage necessary to move on from this lifestyle.

MARCH 20, we celebrated the 5th Anniversary of FAD. The children in English/Computer class came to Paradise Village to sing during the Church Service. They were well received as always and very eager to use their English skills and handout bookmarks to the congregation that they had made in their computer class.

MARCH 23, Adele and I were able to attend the Kinder celebration of Spring. This is a yearly event where the Kinder children perform songs and dances welcoming Spring. We have about 15 mission children attending this school. It is the goal of the mission to show the children and their families who value their Public School education assistance support by attending their activities/programs when possible. Seeing their little faces light up is worth every moment.

MARCH 25, Erick and Miriam did their first meeting with the children in English and Computer. New teachers bring new ideas and they were all looking forward to this. Handing out rewards and recognition certificates was very exciting. Pepe and Jackie were so pleased and excited to receive recognition for their positive behaviour! As a mission we have been working very hard to help Jackie with her personal challenges and support her emotionally, psychologically and physically. This child is intelligent, street smart, motivated and has potential to be whatever she wants. The challenge for her of course is home life, environment and health issues. With proper support and encouragement, she will flourish. We are doing our best to give her a positive future.

MARCH 27, we attended the Quincienera of Irma Ramona. Once again the community came together to ensure that she had a party. It is amazing to see the number of families that contribute in some small way as a group to provide all that is required to make this special event a reality for the young girls. Culturally this is a huge event as a young girl becomes a woman. Much like a wedding with all the fanfare it is important to do it just right. 500 friends, family and recyclers attended. Irma Ramona is the grand daughter of Irma and Javier who are the Patriarchs of the community as well as on the Committee for the Rights of the Recyclers. They advocate on behalf of all the recyclers in the mission.

MARCH 28, was the IJAS meeting. The announcement of the opening of the new office in Vallarta. This is the group that oversees registered charities in Vallarta. FAD is the only organization able to tax receipt in all 3 countries, Canada, US and Mexico. We report twice a year.

MARCH 30, was the first meeting of the HOMEWORK/READING COMPREHENSION classes. The children received their Recognition Certificates as well as a small gift. A draw was done for the moms involved who are supporting their children.

MARCH 31, shoes were given out to over 100 children. The mission was blessed to receive multiple shoes from Cole and his school mates, as well as Anita who sent them down through the Yacht Club in Nuevo Vallarta. The environment is very hard where we are working and the children go through shoes very quickly! This is always a need for us.

As always we would like to extend our appreciation to all who support the mission. We will soon be bidding farewell to several members of our long term volunteer team as they head home to the north.
IF you have sponsored a child in the past or would like to do so, please mail in your donations of $250.00 before June 2011.

When you are travelling to the area and would like to visit the mission please email brendafad@hotmail.com to make arrangements. You can also visit our office located in Paradise Commercial Plaza, upper level H6. The office is currently open Monday to Friday 10-1pm.

Information on the Housing Project will be posted as it begins!

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