In 2010 the mission is moving in a different direction, as many of the families are becoming semi self-sufficient.  A lot more emphasis will be placed on education for both children and adults.  To assist the adults in finding alternative work, some adults have already been enrolled in job training programs.

Through the micro-loans program, many of the families are starting to generate income by means of home-based businesses.




Noelia and Irma are running a successful food stand inside the city dump.   Noelia received assistance with a stove and gas tank a year ago and began selling tacos, tostados, juice and coca cola.  She worked 3-4 hours during the day.  This allowed her to bring an income into her family without going through the garbage for recyclables.

She is now working in partnership with Irma.  Irma works during the night shift from 10 pm-4 am, she also sells tacos, ham sandwiches and drinks.

They are now providing the new drinking water program.  The mission provides four 20 litre jugs of water each day so that the recyclers can come 24/7 for fresh drinking water.

With a micro loan for a covered shelter, the little food stand now offers shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.  Once this loan is paid back, they want to expand with another shelter.  Their next step is to offer hamburgers and hotdogs on their menu.

We wish them much success!  They are setting a great example for other Moms who want to contribute to their family income and stop going through the garbage in the city dump.

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