BonfiliaBonfilia lives with her husband and 2 children in the village of Majesterio.  Although she and her husband no longer recycle in the Puerto Vallarta City Dump, her father and mother still do.  Her husband works in construction when there is work available to support their family.

One year ago the mission assisted Bonfilia to attend school to learn how to do Manicures and Pedicures.  With this course, she also received the supplies necessary to provide these services.  For the last year she has been able to supplement her family income by doing “Nails” for friends and family.  By word of mouth her little business is slowly growing.  She provides this service from her own home or goes to her clients home, thus keeping her overhead minimal.

Her family now receives assistance with School Sponsorship for her 2 children.  She also receives a weekly Dispensa.   With her earnings she is able to shop at the Coop Store and make her hard-earned dollars go further.

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