Catalina BravoCatalina lives with her husband and 5 children.  When we met her initially she was working in the dump along with her husband.

Over the past 4 years her life has improved greatly.  She works in her sister’s store in exchange for 2 rooms to live in with her family.  She and her husband and 6 yr old daughter share one room with a bed.  The other 4 male children, ranging in age from 5yrs to 16 yrs share one double bed.

Her husband suffers from severe stomach ailments.  The mission assisted with medical tests to diagnose his ulcers and colitis.   He also suffers from nerves and stress. Unfortunately he is very domineering and there is physical as well as emotional abuse in their relationship.  This causes a lot of challenges for Catalina at times.  Although she would like to leave the relationship, she does not feel she has any options at this time.   When he works he does not contribute to the family and the responsibility falls directly on her to provide for her children.

Despite this she is doing quite well.  The mission provides School Sponsorship for all 5 children.  The older 2 boys attend Jr. High School and the younger 3 are in Primary School.

The mission has assisted this family by assisting one of the teen age boys in getting a job in the Supermarket at Paradise Village mall.  He is now able to provide financial support to the family, as well as take care of his own expenses for transportation to and from school.

CatalinaThe mission initially assisted Catalina by giving her beads to make jewellery.  She brought over some of her creations and asked if she could show the visitors to the mission.   She is very talented and everyone loves her work and regularly purchases her earrings and bracelets.  Often return visitors to the mission brings beads down for her.   This small business adds valuable cash flow to her family unit.

Catalina and the 3 youngest children attend English and Computer classes daily.  They also participate in the Soccer/Exercise programs.  The children do well in the public school system.

The mission has assisted Catalina and her family with beds and a stove.  At this time they are semi-self sufficient and only ask for help when needed.

This Mom really understands the value of Education and wants the best for her children in terms of life style, morals, values and career opportunities. 

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