In September of 2009, the mission also added in a small Co-Operative Store.  This program was developed as a step towards creating self sufficiency for the families in the mission.

Over the years they have been asking for assistance for items that would be considered “luxuries or wants”.

For the mission, the priorities initially were food and water, however that has changed and improved over the past 4 years.  Providing programs daily for 2 years gave the mission a clearer picture of the amount of money the families were making, how they were spending their money and how they were living and feeding their families.

It became apparent that they live a day to day existence as they make a small amount of money daily and for most families do not have refrigeration or storage for food.

After much observation we came to the conclusion that offering requested items such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, baby milk and diapers at cost not only meant these items would be easily accessible to them, but would redirect their spending habits and teach money management on a low key scale.

The mission’s goal is always to EMPOWER NOT ENABLE the families and lead them to SELF SUFFICIENCY.  This is one step in that process.

This program has also allowed us to offer much needed job training.  The women assisting have learned inventory skills, product control, scheduling, improved math skills, problem solving, reporting income etc.  This has been valuable for the women who have started their own home based businesses.

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