Committee of Registered RecyclerThe mission developed strong personal relationships with the registered recyclers and their families as well as with the committee governing the registered recyclers. These relationships provided the mission with an intimate and unique insight to assist the families and recyclers at the city dump. Home visits and family assessments were an integral part of this program.

This committee was also instrumental in helping the mission provide programs and services. Their input was essential so that we respected the traditional and cultural differences of their people.

In 2009 the governing committee for the registered recyclers has been the driving force in making changes with the Mexican government to create a better and safer working environment for all the recyclers and their families. This committee has been instrumental in removing the children under the age of 14 from working at the city dump. Children 14yrs and older attending school can only work in the dump. The mission continues to work and advocate with this governing committee to create a better living environment for all the registered recyclers and their families.

Irma & Javier visit Paradise VillageIn 2010 the mission is moving in a different direction, as many of the families are becoming semi self-sufficient.  A lot more emphasis will be placed on education for both children and adults.  To assist the adults in finding alternative work, some adults have already been enrolled in job training programs.

Trips and tours are arranged for the adults to the Paradise Village Resort and other areas, to broaden their horizons to other options than working in the dump and to encourage them to give their children more opportunities with a good education and the possibility of starting their own businesses.  Many of these families have never been further than a mile or two from where they were born, and have no idea what opportunities are out there for them.

A micro-loans program was started in conjunction with the Adult Education program, to enable the women and families to start up their own businesses and encourage self-sufficiency.

The Community Centre provides a clean, safe gathering place for all the families for social activities.  Special occasions and holidays are celebrated together.





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