In November 2009 we started a computer class. Twice a week the children gathered around Edgar and one laptop computer for ½ hour intervals.  They learned the basics of Microsoft Word, identified where the letters were on the keyboard and practiced typing.

Computer Class

By January 2010 we had received donations to purchase 6 laptops.   Now the children have half-hour classes 6 at a time, each working on their own computer.

Edgar has identified each child’s challenges and talents.  He works with them each individually to teach them computer skills while improving the areas that they are struggling in school.

For example, there were a few children who could not identify numbers and letters when joining the class.  Although they are attending the public school they are slipping through the cracks.  Edgar has developed computer activities to teach them as well as give them the experience on the computer.

Since November the children have created Powerpoint presentations, mini movies and a 28 page newsletter.  We also have 5 children who have gone through the Excel program currently have children learning Photoshop.

This program certainly has the potential to grow and we look forward to an exciting season in November when they return to class.

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