This program was initiated in November 2008 to give the children of the families in the mission a place to spend a few hours of their day.

For the children living along the base of the city dump, there is no safe place to play.  They do not have a lot of “toys” or “games” for entertainment.  There is not always 2 snacks a day AND lunch.   There is often not enough powdered milk for a fresh bottle of milk for the babies.  Diapers are not in abundance either.

An average family's "living area/kitchen"

The program was developed to provide them an opportunity to come to the Community Center from 10:00am to 2:00pm Monday to Friday (at no charge).

6 Moms in the mission currently work in the program.  This is providing valuable work experience for them.  Each one applied for the position, tracks the hours they volunteer each week, keeps a schedule of attendance and information on each family using the service.  They are compensated by extra food items from the food bank.

When the children arrive they receive a morning snack.  Children under 3 yrs old are given a bath, hair is washed and clean clothes are put on.  In the daycare room we have books for reading stories, age appropriate toys, walkers and strollers to stimulate them.

All children are diapered and fed as required throughout the day.  Love is in abundant supply!

The older children age 3yrs to 5yrs attend a full Kinder program from 10:00am -12:00 pm.   Once they rejoin the daycare room, all children receive a nutritious lunch.

After lunch while infants are napping, the older children are taken up to the roof top where they have play equipment and 2 wading pools.  There they get to let out some excess energy and have a bath in the process!   A large tent for shade from the afternoon sun makes for another play area.

At the end of the day the children receive an afternoon snack and are cleaned up before moms arrive to take them home.


Visitors to the mission are always greeted with open arms and generous hugs from the children attending this program.

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