When the mission started in March 2006, it was apparent the families that were going through the garbage in the city dump were in need of food/water, clothing, shoes and just about anything else they could find to provide for their children.  They were also pulling out the recyclable items such as glass, plastic, aluminum, metal, tires and cardboard.  They were able to sell these to provide cash to support their families.

Early Days - recyclers at work

The mission started in March 2006 with distribution of bottles of water and a ham sandwiches to the adults who were working in the city dump.  Each Tuesday sandwiches were made at Paradise Village resort and taken out on Wednesday mornings.

Dispensing food and water at the dump

In the fall of 2007, with more donations and interest in the mission daily visits were possible.   Monday to Friday 120-150 bottles of water were distributed to the recyclers.

Very quickly it became apparent that their needs were much greater than a sandwich once a week.   With rising interest and donations to the mission, a Friday visit was added.

The mission delivered 175-200 dispensa bags that consist of much needed food items every Friday. This Food Bag consists of beans, rice, potatoes, tuna, and a variety of other items which are changed regularly for variety.

This program continued until September 2008.  At that time the mission was renting space in a building one block from the entrance to the city dump.  New programs were being developed.

The mission now had their Civil Association status and was required to maintain records and statistics for bi-annual reports to the IJAS organization in Puerto Vallarta.

With this in mind, the distribution moved to the new rental location.  There we had storage space, were able to take information for records, and meet and talk with each person individually as they came for their assistance.

Sam's Club & Walmart donationsNow every Friday a representative from each family comes to receive their Dispense-a-bags.  With the involvement of SAM’S CLUB & WALMART donating food items twice weekly, the mission has been able to stock the food bank shelves with a variety of interesting items.

The mission has also evolved with the addition of a Co-Operative Store. Our Food Bank dispenses basic nutritious necessities for sustenance, whereas most of the articles in the store are non-essentials, such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, sweet treats which encourages them to make their own money in order to afford these extras.

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