When the mission started it was apparent that there was a dire need for medical assistance.  Regular distribution of children’s vitamins became part of the breakfast program.

Volunteer Doctors were brought out bi monthly.  The first visits were held at the base of the city dump along the main road.  With ongoing traffic from dump trucks, dust and other watching eyes, this did not make for a very safe or hygienic environment.

As the mission grew and rooms were rented in the community center, the care moved inside although the checkups were still held in a room full of other waiting people.  Doctors would arrive and 15 people were able to sign up to be treated. After a year of this type of medical care it was clear that changes and improvement were required.  Often people were taking the Doctor’s time for minor illness that could be dealt with by over the counter medications.  Identifying that often people who really required care were missing their opportunities, this assistance evolved into more individualized care.

Over the years, as life improved for the families and Doctors office became available in the village they were able to be treated at any time.   Although there were often costs involved that they couldn’t afford, the mission could assist with that.

Medical care is now provided on an as needed basis.  There situation is assessed by the volunteer team, then they are directed accordingly.   If they can be treated by medications on hand, they will receive that assistance.  If they require a visit to a local Doctor, they will be advised to do so.  Follow up on prescriptions required is available.  If they require more extensive care, they are brought back to Paradise Village clinic.  Of course if a hospital visit is necessary they are directed there or taken by our volunteer team.

The mission now brings in local health practitioners for vaccination clinics and information seminars on health concerns such as H1N1, DENGUE FEVER, and respecting your own body.

This change has made for more improved care and less expense to the mission overall.  The mission strives to be good stewards of the donations received and these changes are indicative of that.

With the mission advocating with the COMMITTEE FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE RECYCLERS, positive changes are being made by the local governing power and soon we should see health insurance and discounted medical care available to the families in the mission.

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