The Board of Directors of Families at the Dump, AC and now known as Familias de Esperanza


Board of Directors – Families at the Dump Charity for Canada

  • Winnie Giesbrecht
  • Henry Giesbrecht
  • Reg Fredborg
  • Peggy Fredborg


Matthew 25, verses 25-40

His mercies are new every morning


Financial Statements are available upon request.  To request a copy, please email

All of our reports are prepared by chartered accountants in Mexico-US and Canada.  An annual report is prepared and presented on the first Saturday of May each year, in Puerto Vallarta.

The mission will be posting monthly reports on its activites on this website. Check back for our regular updates.


AS A POINT OF CLARIFICATION: Families at the Dump IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE ORGANIZATION CALLED "Children of the Dump" OR with "New Beginnings"


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