This program was initiated in January 2010.   It was designed to give the children a pre-school advantage.

Because Education is the key to ending this cycle of dependency it is important to give the children the best opportunities available.

Monday to Friday any children in the mission between the ages of 3 – 5 yrs may attend this program.  Lupita is a local Kinder teacher in Majesterio.  She provides a full Kinder program to the children.

Kindergarten Program

For those who are pre Kinder age they are getting a headstart! For those already attending her class in the afternoon, they get a double dose.

She is an amazing teacher who captivates their interest, motivates them to learn and participate and offers lots of praise and support.  The children absolutely adore her.

Her program not only includes the basics of letters, numbers, shapes etc.  She also adds in physical exercise and activities as well.

It is always exciting to walk into the Kinder to a chorus of HOLA! And then a sudden rush of children jumping into your arms for a hug!

She keeps full records on attendance and performance.  As well she is able to identify children that are perhaps special needs.  As well she can guide the parents to the appropriate support systems available to them.

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