In the fall of 2007 the School Sponsorship program was created.  In an effort to ensure that all children had an opportunity to attend the public schools in Majesterio the mission invited supporters to donate $250.00 to assist a child.

This donation allowed us to register the child, provide uniforms, socks, underwear, backpack, all school supplies and black shoes.   We soon learned that there were a lot of incidental expenses throughout the year which include, copying fees, cleaning fees, physical exercise outfits, running shoes and lunch costs.  Some children also need assistance with birth certificates and blood tests if they are entering Kinder for the first time.
Halfway through the school year, most of these items need to be replaced.  A portion of this donation goes to the medical fund as all children will need help with medications throughout the school year.  Any surplus is put into the Education program which we provide.  This includes the English, Computer, Kinder and Daycare programs that are available at the community center from October to June.

As all programs are intended to EMPOWER NOT ENABLE we encourage the parents to pay the registration fees initially.  This shows their commitment to the Education program.  Later in the year, near to Christmas they are reimbursed these fees.

This program has been very successful.  In August of 2007 the mission assisted thirty children into the public school system.  In 2010, two hundred and fifty children will be attending with the support of donors to the mission.

With families struggling to make ends meet and having no medical insurance there is little disposable income.  School often drops down on the priority list, especially if there are multiple children in the family.   The mission’s goal is to take this decision right off the parent’s shoulders and give every child the opportunity for an Education.   THIS IS THE KEY TO ENDING THIS CYCLE OF DEPENDENCY on the city dump.

When the mission started the program, if you asked a child what they wanted to be when they grew up, they did not know, in fact they did not even understand the question!  Now 3 years later, they will respond with Teachers, Lawyers, Firemen, and many other careers.  This generation of children WILL BECOME VALUABLE CONTRIBUTORS TO SOCIETY.

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